License fees for the usage of Microsoft, Spam Filter, Archiving solutions, and other hosted services that we provide are generated by our Vendors and as such are billable services, whether these services are fully utilized by you or your customers or not. CloudPlus support staff are expressly forbidden by policy to remove and/or add any of these services from customer accounts without explicit written direction by a primary contact. These services should be removed and/or added by the Administrator of the Control Panel. If there are technical issues prohibiting the removal of a service from the CloudPlus platform, please reach out to and they can troubleshoot the issue and provide assistance as needed.

With the exception of Microsoft 365, our services are never pro-rated.

IMPORTANT: Under Microsoft NCE, term lengths are strictly enforced. Cancellations or reductions can occur within 24 hours of subscription purchase at no cost (actual hours, not business hours). Cancellations or reductions completed within 7 days (actual days, not business days) can be performed but will be subject to a prorated amount due. Outside of that timeframe, customers are unable to cancel or reduce the number of licenses under that subscription to completing the term (Annual or Monthly) and monies will be due regardless of company status, need for the licenses, etc.

Specialty Licenses

Not all licenses are created equal. See notes below for specialty license details.


It is imperative when assigning nonprofit licenses that the appropriate license SKU is used. If a for-profit license is assigned to an existing nonprofit license grouping, vendors such as Microsoft O365 will revert all licenses to for-profit pricing. It is the responsibility of the Administrator adding the services to ensure the correct license is used. If you have questions/concerns on whether your license addition is correct, please reach out to immediately. Learn more about nonprofit licenses here.


Webroot bills their services from the 25th of the current month to the 24th of the following month. As such, Webroot services (SAT Awareness, DNS Protection, and EndPoint Protection) are billed to accurately match their billing snapshot. For instance, your February 1 invoice will include licenses active from December 25th to January 24th.