Currently CloudPlus supports nonprofit license fees available through Microsoft. Nonprofit status must be validated directly with Microsoft. This is a manual process that takes 3-5 business days for major countries, up to 20 for minor countries. 


To enable nonprofit pricing for your customer:

  • Create the account within the CloudPlus Platform.
  • Have the customer access with their MS account login. Microsoft will collect the appropriate nonprofit documentation and verify.

Once Microsoft verification has been completed, nonprofit pricing will be unlocked in your Partner Center. PLEASE NOTE: Nonprofit pricing is locked until a customer is validated as a nonprofit.


For inquiries or to check on nonprofit status, you can contact Microsoft directly at or, for added assistance, contact our support team at

IMPORTANT NOTE RE NONPROFIT LICENSES: It is imperative when assigning nonprofit licenses that the appropriate license SKU is used. If a for-profit license is assigned to an existing nonprofit license grouping, vendors such as Microsoft O365 will revert all licenses to for-profit pricing. It is the responsibility of the Administrator adding the services to ensure the correct license is used. If you have questions/concerns on whether your license addition is correct, please reach out to immediately.