We are happy to offer our partners net-45 billing terms. Your invoice will be released on the 1st of each month and due 45 days later. For example, your December 1st invoice bills forward, covering service for the month of December, with the exception of specialty licenses that may be invoiced in arrears. Details on specialty licenses are outlined here. Payment for that invoice would be due on the 15th of January.

All invoicing communication will come from our billing entity – CloudPlus Service – so keep an eye out for your billing portal setup letter with critical account details and be sure to add billing@cloudplusservice.com to your address books.

You can visit the billing portal directly at


IMPORTANT NOTE: When entering payment information online, there will be a notated amount “due” that the system will default to collect – this tends to be the full amount currently open on your account. Simply zero that amount out (or uncheck the box) and your future charges will run on its proper due date moving forward. Once payment information is stored, you can run any past-due invoices individually, or contact our billing department and we’ll be happy to handle the transaction on the back-end. If you are mistakenly overcharged, just reach out to our billing team at billing@cloudplus.net and we can reverse any overpayment immediately.