CloudPlus partners have Net45 terms to allow collection time from their own customers prior to monies being due to us. Effective 4/1/22, and with the introduction of Microsoft NCE to the platform, CloudPlus has moved to a “billing in arrears” model for all services except Legacy Hosted Exchange and SpamTitan.  Please note the following billing policies:

  • All services except Legacy Hosted Exchange and SpamTitan will be invoiced in arrears, meaning your May 1st invoice covers charges for the month of April with the exception of these 2 legacy services. 

  • Legacy Hosted Exchange and SpamTitan will continue to be invoiced on the first of the month for anticipated services that month. 
  • Microsoft 365 services will be prorated and invoiced according to Microsoft’s proration calculation.

  • All services other than MS365 services will continue to be invoiced without proration. Any services that are active during the billing snapshot on the final day of the month will be invoiced.

Under the New Commerce Experience (NCE), Microsoft services are subject to the following premiums: Annual subscription terms paid upfront have no premium. Annual subscription terms paid monthly (rather than upfront) are subject to an 8% premium. Monthly subscription terms paid monthly are subject to a 20% premium, per Microsoft’s regulations.

EXAMPLE: Office 365 E1 license has a “base” reseller price of $8.38/month. An annual term subscription paid upfront would be $100.56 for our reseller partners. An annual term subscription paid monthly would be $9.05/month. A monthly term subscription paid monthly would be $10.06/month for our reseller partners.

IMPORTANT: Under Microsoft NCE, term lengths are strictly enforced. Cancellations or reductions can occur within 24 hours of subscription purchase at no cost to the customer (actual hours, not business hours). Cancellations or reductions completed within 7 days (not business days) can be performed but will be subject to a prorated amount due. Outside of that timeframe, customers are unable to cancel or reduce the number of licenses under that subscription prior to completing the term (Annual or Monthly) and monies will be due regardless of company status, need for the licenses, etc.