If you are set for autopay via credit card or by ACH, your monthly payment may still remain overdue for the following reasons:
  • your bank has deactivated your credit card following a report that it has been lost or stolen;
  • your credit card may have expired;
  • your direct debit bank account may have been closed; or
  • the payment may have been, for various reasons, declined by your financial institution

Once an invoice payment is missed, automated and ticketed past-due notices will be sent to the designated Primary and/or Billing contacts in your account. Because CloudPlus offers Partners net-45 terms, non-response and/or non-payment may result in Account Suspension or Termination.

For reseller accounts not currently set to autopay that are repeatedly past-due: 

  • Late payment greater than 7 days past initial due date 2 or more times in a row requires immediate move to autopay with the payment method of the Partner's choice. ACH can be selected at no added cost, credit cards do incur a 1% convenience fee. After a probationary period of 4 months with consistent on-time payment, Partners can request a move off of autopay.
  • Late payment greater than 7 days past initial due date after account has been moved to autopay will result in a decrease of Partner billing terms from Net-45 to Net-30, or Net-0, depending on the circumstances. Once net terms are down-graded, a positive account status must be maintained for 6 months before a return to standard partner terms will be considered.
  • Partner with repeat past-due accounts may also be subject to Subscription Term Limitations

Please contact us if you find that you cannot pay your bill on time. We understand that sometimes circumstances outside of your control can affect your ability to pay on time and we strive to work with our Partners as needed as long as a clear line of communication is kept open.