The following article illustrates how to enable Microsoft 365 services and purchase and assign new Microsft 365 Business licenses to your organization.

Before you can enable Microsoft 365 and purchase a license, you will need access to a user with either Reseller Administrator Permissions or  Customer Administrator Permissions to proceed.

1. Using your Cloudplusservice Reseller or Customer Administrator, navigate to and sign in using your Credentials. 

2. Once logged in you will need to access the navigational panel on the left side of the management control panel. Under Products and Services click on The Catalog.

3. When The Catalog loads, you will have a list of services you can activate. Click on the Microsoft 365 Vendor Band to activate Microsoft 365.

4. Once you select the Microsoft 365 vendor band you will be presented with a configure Microsoft confirmation window. Click on "Let's Do This" to continue.

5. Once you confirm the Microsoft 365 service activation, you will be presented with two account configuration choices. Click on "I'm Setting Up A Brand New Microsoft Account".

6. To successfully activate the Microsoft 365 service, you will need to fill out the Product Configuration page. This will require accurate user information and a US Based address to properly register the product with Microsoft. Once you click Save, your new Microsoft 365 Account will be provisioned. 

Important Note: Once a new Microsoft 365 account is provisioned, certain features will need to be completed using the Microsoft 365 Admin panel. With our new version 3 Control Panel, certain features are still in development. Such features include Domain Verification and License Assignment. Until these features are made available, both domain verification and License Assignments must be handled using the Microsoft 365 Admin Panel. For a more detailed walkthrough, please view our article on How to Validate a Domain.

7. Now that your new account has been provisioned, navigate to The My Services section.


8. Once the License Purchases window populates, it's time to add a subscription. Click on Add Subscription to populate the full Microsoft 365 Business product line. 

9. When searching for a valid subscription, please note that Microsft NCE products are the only accepted subscriptions that can be purchased unless your organization has been approved for Non-Profit licensing. The image below is an example of a Microsft 365 Business Standard license. To the left of the NCE product, use the small arrows or type in the desired amount to add the number of licenses you wish to purchase. Click Next to continue.

10. You will now be presented with the final step in adding your Microsoft 365 Subscription. You will see the amount and type of license you have purchased and the per-unit cost of that license. You will need to select both the Subscription Term and Billing Frequency of the license. Once complete, click Okay to purchase your new subscription. 

Please Note that with the NCE-type license, you will only have a window of 7 days to update or alter the license once purchased. This is also the same when the license is up for renewal. or if you plan to cancel a license. Renewals are set to automatically renew and any changes to the license, such as license reductions, upgraded licenses, or canceling a license must be performed during the 7-day window from the purchased date.