This article illustrates how to use the Coupldplusservice Management Portal to transition an existing Microsoft 365 account.

Before a Microsoft 365 account is transitioned into the Cloudplusservice Management Control Panel, you will need access to the Microsoft 365 Admin user or any user assigned the Global Admin security role to successfully sign the Microsoft 365 partner agreement, Additionally, you will need your Cloudplusservice admin user set as the Customer Administrator.  

1. Using your Cloudplusservice Customer Administrator, navigate to and sign in using your Customer Administrative Credentials. 

2. Once logged in you will need to access the navigational panel on the left side of the management control panel. Under Products and Services click on The Catalog.

3. When The Catalog loads, you will have a list of services you can activate. Click on the Microsoft 365 Vendor Band to activate Microsoft 365.

4. Once you select the Microsoft 365 vendor band you will be presented with a configure Microsoft confirmation window. Click on "Let's Do This" to continue.

5. Once you confirm the Microsoft 365 service activation, you will be presented with two account configuration choices. Click on the "I'm Transitioning an Existing Microsoft Account." button to start the account transition process.

6. Once you select the "I'm Transitioning an Existing Microsoft Account." button, you will be presented with a Start Transition window. You will need to click Confirm to start the transition process.

Note you will need the Microsoft 365 account admin credentials or a user with Global Administrative rights to proceed.


7. Once you press the confirm, a new browser tab will open. To accept the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Invitatmustl need to Sign Into the customer you are transto itioning using a Global Admin. It is recommended to use the user provided by Microsoft.

Note: Do not close the Cloudplusservice Management Portal as you will need to return here to complete the transition process.

8. Once you successfully sign in to the Microsoft 365 tenant, you will be presented with the Accept Agreement and Authorize Partner page. You will need to click Yes in both blocks to authorize Cloudplus to have delegated access and Yes to the customer agreement before you can Accept and Authorize the transition.

Note: You will be prompted to confirm the authorization by clicking Yes to Accept and give Cloudplus delegate Access to the customer's organization.

9.  After accepting the partner Agreement, and accepting Yes to providing your new partner delegate access, you will need to navigate back to the Cloudplusservice management panel ( Under My Services, you should now be presented with the Continue Transition page. Enter the domain in the "Enter the tenant domain you are transitioning from" field and click Continue Transition.

10. Upon clicking the Continue Transition button, you will see the Subscription/Licneses that have been detected by our Management Console, the number of users that will be transitioned over, the Subscription Term, and the Billing Frequency. 

  • The Subscription/Licenses Detected section will list any licenses the customer tenant has active. If any licenses are available, they will be matched to our offering of the Microsoft 365 Business suite of subscriptions. Licenses purchased directly from Microsoft or another provider will need to e canceled by that provider to avoid any additional charges. You can view all transitioning users and their current assigned licenses by clicking on View Details.

  • The Subscription Term is the length of the subscription. For example, an Annual term is billable for one year from the start date at the displayed cost and a Monthly term is a monthly term commitment cost.

  • The Billing Frequency is the payment term of the subscription. For example, if Annual is chosen, the subscription is payable upfront for the year, whereas a Monthly frequency is payable monthly with an 8% markup in cost. 

Once you have selected the appropriate options, click Save to complete the transition process.

Clicking Save will complete the transition process. Please note that in most cases the transition process is instant, however, it can take up to 24 hours before the process is fully complete. For any issues or questions regarding the transition process, please reach out to your support staff for more assistance.