This article illustrates how to use the Commerce Platform to transition an existing Microsoft 365 account.

Before a Microsoft 365 account is transitioned into the Commerce Platform, the tenant will need an existing CSP Partner Relationship and you will need a user with either Reseller Administrator or Customer Administrator permissions in the Commerce Platform.

  1. Sign in to the platform using your Reseller Administrator or Customer Administrator credentials.

  2. Navigate to the desired account, and then click on the Product Catalog in the left-hand navigation menu.
  3. When The Catalog loads, you will have a list of services you can activate. Click on the toggle in the Microsoft 365 Vendor Band to activate Microsoft 365.

  4. Once you select the Microsoft 365 vendor band you will be presented with a configure Microsoft confirmation window. Click on Let's Do This! to continue.

  5. You will be presented with two account configuration choices. Click on the Transition an Existing Microsoft Tenant button to start the account transition process.

  6. Once you select the I'm Transitioning an Existing Microsoft Account button, you will be presented with a Start Transition window. Click Continue to proceed.

  7. You will be presented with a partnership invitation link. This link will open in a new tab and allow you to approve the creation of a new partnership relationship with your distributor's Microsoft CSP account. You must sign in to this link with the Global Administrator credentials for your Microsoft tenant. Once the relationship has been approved, or if it has already been approved, click the Continue button in the platform to proceed.

  8. Select the domain that is assigned to the Microsoft 365 tenant you are transitioning, and click Continue Transition.
    If your tenant's domain does not appear in the drop-down box, you will need to navigate to the Company Details page and Edit your company's information to add the appropriate domain.

  9. The platform will search Microsoft's systems for the domain selected, and will detect the current users and subscriptions assigned to the tenant:
    • Subscriptions/Licenses Detected: This will show the Subscriptions and license counts that are detected in the tenant. If you would like to purchase new licenses of matching types and quantities as detected, leave the detected subscriptions/licenses as-is. If you do not want to purchase new licenses, or would like to select different licenses post-transition, click the trash icon for each detected subscription to remove them. Please note that the transition process will not change any license assignments within the Microsoft 365 tenant or affect any subscriptions from other providers.
    • Users detected to import: This will show the users that are detected in the tenant, which will be imported into the platform if they do not already exist. Click the View Details link for more information.
      Please note that the Passwords shown will only apply to user logins for the platform. The transition process will not change any user passwords or other settings within the Microsoft 365 tenant.
    • Subscription Term/Billing Frequency: This will allow you to set the Subscription Term length and Billing Frequency for any subscriptions purchased during the transition.

  10. Click the Save button to proceed.
  11. Review the Transition Confirmation notice, and click the Confirm button to proceed.
  12. You will be prompted to complete the Microsoft Customer Agreement. Click the Do It Now! button to proceed.

  13. Enter your information and click the AGREE! button.

The transition process is now complete and the Microsoft 365 account is ready for new services and subscriptions.