The WebTitan DNS Filter service allows a company to block or set up notifications when a user accesses certain web sites or site categories.  This can help the company prevent users from accessing dangerous or undesirable sites.  This article provides the steps for customizing the policy that is applied to the company.

WebTitan policies are managed directly in the WebTitan Control Panel.  To access the WebTitan Control Panel and customize the account's default policy, use the following steps:

  1. Log into the WebTitan Control Panel at using the Administrative login created when the service was enabled.

  2. Once logged in, click on the Policies tab.

  3. Click on the Edit button for the Default policy.

The Edit Policy page has the following parameters that can be customized:

Name - This parameter allows you to change the policy name and description. The Name field cannot be edited for the Default policy.

Categories - This parameter allows you to pick which category of website will be allowed or blocked by the filter.  Clicking the toggle for an individual category will switch that category between Allowed (green) or Disabled (red).

Web-Filter - This parameter will determines whether web sites that are not classified under one of the categories listed in the Categories tab will be Allowed or Blocked by the filter.

Safe Search - This parameter determines the Google Safe Search setting for your users.

Notifications - This parameter allows you to set up an email notification when any of your users attempts to access any of the checked items or categories.

Whitelisted Domains - This parameter allows you to whitelist specific domain names, allowing users to access them even if the category they fall under is blocked.

Blacklisted Domains - This parameter allows you to blacklist specific domain names, prevent access to those domains.

Any changes made to any parameters of the policy may be saved by clicking the Save button.  Policy changes will go into effect for all users connecting through the filter immediately.