Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is a cloud-based email filtering solution that protects your organization against unknown malware, viruses and harmful links in real time. the ATP service has a full rich reporting structure including a URL trace feature. ATP also allows training of staff to recognize security threats, to proactively prevent against any threat.

For a full service comparison. please review the Advanced threat Protection DescriptionOnce you have decided on the best plans for your organization it's time to Enabling New Office 365 Services.

Student and Faculty Plans

After the school qualifies, all active full-time or part-time students, faculty, and staff are eligible and can get the plan directly from Microsoft at Office 365 Education if they meet all three of the following requirements:

  • They have a school-specific email address provided by the school (for example, that can receive external email.

  • They are of legal age to sign up for an online offer individually (13 years old).

  • They have Internet access.

If you have additional questions about self-sign up please review the Office 365 Education Self-Sign up: Technical FAQ.

For a full list of the features that comes with the Microsoft 365 Education Products, please review the following documents that contains all of the product services and product add-ons available to students and faculties :

Office 365 Education

Microsoft 365 Education

Non-Profit Plans for Enterprise

Qualified nonprofits can receive Office 365 Nonprofit as a donation or upgrade to advanced features at a significant discount. To qualify for any of the Enterprise or Office 365 Nonprofit plans, you must hold recognized charitable status in your country and sign Microsoft’s non-discrimination policy. Microsoft reserves the right to verify eligibility at any time and to suspend the service for ineligible organizations.

To find out if your organization is eligible, please click on Eligibility

Organizations must be recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). 

Public libraries may qualify as an eligible nonprofit organization without charitable status only for on-premises software donations and only where such software is made accessible to the general public. Please visit the Microsoft Volume Licensing website for more information about licensing programs for public library operations.

For a full regional support of Microsoft's non-profit guidelines please visit the Full Non-Profit and Donations Guidelines page.

Government Plans for Enterprise

For a more in depth understanding of the Government offerings associated with Microsoft 365 Enterprise level Plans, First Line plans, and overall view of the GCC features available to your organization please review the following document:

Microsoft Document