Calling Plans are an add-on telephone service that, when combined with Phone System in Office 365, allow users to make and receive phone calls outside of the organization.  The Calling Plan provides dedicated phone numbers for licensed users.  These users can make voice calls from all Skype for Business clients, including the PC application, mobile devices, and certain desk phones enabled with Skype for Business.  Calling Plans, when combined with other features of the Office 365 Phone System such as Auto-Attendants and Queues, can become the all-inclusive phone system for an entire organization.

There are two available Calling Plan options: Domestic, and Domestic and International.  In the U.S., both Plans offer 3000 minutes for Domestic calls and the Domestic and International plan also includes 600 minutes for International Calls.  Please contact our Support Team for details on other regions or on Communication Credits if more minutes are required.

Getting Started

To get started with setting up a Calling Plan for a user, the following will be needed:

  • An Enterprise E5 license or an Enterprise E3 license with the Phone System add-on assigned to the user.
  • A Domestic Calling Plan or Domestic and International Calling Plan license.
  • A user with Global Administrator or Skype for Business Administrator roles assigned.

Please contact our Support Team to request the Phone System add-on or Calling Plan licenses.  We will soon be adding these licenses to our Control Panel to allow fully self-service orders.

Allocating Phone Numbers

Once the appropriate licenses have been added, use the following steps to allocate and assign a phone number to the user:

  1. Log into the Office 365 portal ( with your Global Administrator or Skype for Business Administrator.

  2. Click on the Admin icon.

  3. Click the Admins centers icon in the left-hand menu and select Teams & Skype.

  4. Click the Legacy portal link in the left-hand menu.

  5. Click Voice in the left-hand menu.

  6. In the Phone Users window, click the Plus (+) symbol above the number list.

  7. Click New User Numbers.

  8. Select the Country/Region, State/Region, and City for the phone numbers that are to be allocated, along with the Quantity of numbers to be allocated at this time.  Click the Add button.

  9. The new numbers will be allocated per the region information that was entered.  Once you have confirmed the allocated numbers, click the Acquire Numbers button.  Generated phone numbers will be for up to 10 minutes, after which new numbers will have to be generated if they are not acquired.

  10. The newly allocated numbers will show in the Phone Numbers list.

Assigning a Phone Number to a User

  1. In the Skype for Business admin center, click on Voice in the left-hand menu.

  2. Click on Emergency Locations.  An Emergency Location is required for each user being assigned a phone number to allow for location response if an emergency number is dialed from the user's number.

  3. Click the Plus (+) button above the Emergency Location list.

  4. Complete the address information for the location to be assigned as an emergency address for the user's number.  Multiple users can be assigned to the same emergency location.  Click the Validate button to complete validation of the address.  Click the Save button once the address has been validated.

  5. Click on Voice Users.

  6. Select the user to be assigned a phone number.

  7. Click the Assign number link.

  8. Select a phone number from the Assign Number drop-down menu and a location from the Validated Emergency Locations drop-down menu.

  9. Click the Save button.

  10. Review the Emergency address disclaimer and click the Agree button.