The following article illustrates not only how to create a document library but how to add multiple documents to it so they can be shared to others in your organization.

1. To create a new document library, you will first need to log into your site collection. Once logged into your team site, click on Site Contents.

2. Under Site Content, choose Add an App and select Document Library.

3. To add a new document library you will first need to name it. Once complete, choose Create to start your new list.

Note: If you wish to add a description to the library, select Advance Options. Each new library can be customized to have a new version of the original created each time the document is edited. Additionally the library can be set to template specific document types such as Microsoft Word.

4. You will now see your new Document Library on the left side of your team site. You can now add new documents by selecting your new library and choosing the Files Tab and pressing New then Upload Documents or + New Documents. 

5. Select Choose File, to brows to the local location of the document you wish to add to the library. Choose OK.

6. The document will be listed within the library showing the last modified date as well as the user that modified it.