The following article illustrates how to create and customize a list in SharePoint 2013. To successfully create a list, you will need to log into your SharePoint team site as the administrator or user granted Full Control permissions.

How to Create a List

1. To create a new custom list you will first need to log into your site collection. Once logged into your team site, click on Site Contents.

2. Under Site Content, choose Add an App and select Custom List

3. To add a new custom list you will first need to name it. Once complete, choose Create to start your new list.

Note: If you wish to add a description to the list, select Advance Options.

4. You will now see your new Custom List on the left side of your team site. You can now add new items to your list by selecting your new list and choosing + New Item.

You can now select a document to add to your list. For this example, we chose to create a new contact list. Select Actions, Attach File to brows to the local location of the document you wish to add to the list. Once selected, you are required to name each item you add to your new list. Once you are done naming your list, choose Save.

6. The new Contact List will now be visible in your custom list.