Secure Messaging allows user to securely send email so they are HIPAA, GLBA, and/or SOX compliant. Rather than sending the message in clear text over the internet, the message is stored on a secure server that is accessed by the recipient using an SSL connection.

The following steps will walk you through sending and receiving a secure message.

  1. In the message to be sent, insert the text "secure_message" (omit quotations) anywhere in the body of the message. This can be done from any E-mail Client (i.e. Outlook, Outlook Web Access, Mobile Device, and etc.).

  2. The recipient will receive an email stating that they have received an encrypted message.

  3. Once the notification email has been opened, the recipient will click the link contained within the message.

  4. The recipient will be prompted to create a password to complete the sign up for the Secure Message Service. If the user has already created a password, they will be prompted to enter the password and login to the Secure Message Service.

  5. If the recipient has forgotten their password, the recipient can click the "Forgot your Password?" link at the bottom of the login screen to have a password reset link emailed to them.

  6. Once the recipient has successfully logged in, the secure message can now be viewed and replied to securely. All previously received secure messages will be accessible within their retention period, in the folders on the left hand side of the portal.