Have you configured an SMTP Account to enable you to send as an alias? Are you receiving an Error when you perform a Send/Receive even though there the incoming server name has been removed? The following article will explain how to remove these SMTP configured accounts from your All Groups List.

1. Open your Outlook 2013 program.

2. Select the Send/Receive tab.

3. Within the Ribbon, Select the small drop down arrow next to Send/Receive Groups and choose Define Send/Receive Groups.

4. When the Groups window appears, make sure the 'All Accounts' group name is highlighted and select Edit.

5. In the Edit screen, locate the account you wish to remove from the group. When you have selected the account, Deselect the Check-Box labeled "Include the selected account in this group". This will remove the account from the main Send/receive sessions when you select Send/Receive All.