This article will assist you in configuring your Outlook 2013 client to our Microsoft Exchange 2013 servers.  As Outlook will not allow the addition or removal of Exchange accounts while it is running, the configuration of your client will need to be done through your Windows Control Panel while Outlook is fully closed.

Prior to adding a Microsoft Exchange Full Access Connection to Outlook 2013, we recommend installing our Outlook 2013 Autodiscover Patch.  This patch is required for Outlook to properly locate the Autodiscover information for a non-Office 365 Exchange account.  The patch can be found in the following support article: 

Outlook 2013 Autodiscover Patch

If you do not have Outlook 2013 and need a copy, please contact your support team for further assistance.

1. Within your Windows Control Panel, you will need to open the Mail app to begin. (In Catagory view you will find it under Accounts).

2. Once you select the Mail app, the Mail Setup window may appear. If so Click Show Profiles. If not you will be presented with the 'Mail' window and you can move on to creating a new profile.

3. In the Profile Window or mail Window, Click the Add button.

4. Enter the name of your new profile. This can be set to anything you like. Click Ok to advance.

5. When the Add Account Window appears, fill in the four fields with your account information. Once you have added your information, please click Next to begin the Auto Detect Account process.

6. Once you select Next, Outlook will attempt to locate your account and server settings. This may take several minutes.

Note: If Outlook failed to connect, please ensure that the mailbox is indeed set as a Full Access mailbox. (You will need to access your Administrative Control Panel located at The AutoDiscover CNAME is required to complete this process.

7. Once the Outlook client has connected with the Exchange servers a pop-up will appear asking you to allow the connection. (Allow this website to configure [] server settings?) Select the small bo that states do not ask me again and choose Allow.

8. You will be prompted to re-enter your mailbox credentials. A small Microsoft Security window will appear. If the fields are already populated, please select the More Options link and Choose to Sign In with a Different Account. You can then enter your full email address and mailbox password. Make sure to select the box stating to remember your credentials before clicking the OK button.

9. If the profile has been successfully configured you will see Congratulations your profile has been configured. Click Finish to complete the setup process and Open Outlook to begin downloading your mailbox data.