Some users may ask to change or update their display names. For example, Jane Doe may have been recently married and is requesting to change the current display name to Jane Smith - The Display name will appear in the GAL under Jane Smith instead of Jane Doe.

Note: The GAL updates every night at 12am PST and changing a Users Display Name only changes the First and Last Name within the email address. This does not change the Logon Name.

As the reseller, you can set exchange mailbox permissions on behalf of your customer. Please review the steps below to add or change exchange mailbox permissions using the partner control panel.

1. Navigating to your Control Panel URL or and sign in using your administrative credentials.

2. Once logged in, Select Customer List / Editor, beneath My Customers, to show your available customers.

3. Highlight the customer the user assigned permissions needed to be added to, and click Login as Customer at the top of the Customer List.

4. Now that you are logged in as the customer, navigate to the User List under My users.

5. From the User List, choose the mailbox you need to assign another user access rights to and click on Edit User.

6. From within the General Tab, you will see the user's Display Name. Once you have changed the name, the system will automatically check it to ensure it's unique. Once you see the green OK, you can click Save Changes.