In our endeavor to provide a comprehensive control panel experience, additional functions have been added within the Partner Configuration Section. The following article provides illustrated descriptions of each feature available to you. To access these feature, simply navigate to and login using your partner credentials.

Control Panel Users

The control panel users feature allows you to set a specific customer account as your default account. Any users granted with administrative access, within that account, will also have partner level administrative access. 

Account Information

With the exception of the Partner Account Number, all of your account details can be edited by clicking the Edit Information button. All fields are fully editable and synchronize with your account record with CloudPlus.



The branding Panel is the area used to update or add your company logo to your current control panel. Simply by adding a hosted image link, to the Logo Path field, will update the current default image, located in the header pane, to your new company logo. Additional to the branding feature is the ability to choose a base partner color, to match your branded logo, by clicking the color picker.

Customer Branding and Powered BY

New to our Branding feature roll out, Branding can now enabled to cascade to your customers. By default this feature is disabled and all customer's will see your added logo. If you want to allow your customer's the ability to set their own branding, set the "Allow Customer Branding" slider to the On position. Once enabled, you can then enable "Powered BY" to be shown under the Customer Logo.

Support Site Syndication

At CloudPLus we pride ourselves on providing first class technical support. Available to you is our full knowledge base that contains hundreds of helpful instructional articles that can be branded to your support site.

Vendor Management

Under the Vendor Management section, you now have the ability to manage your vendor accounts such as ConnectWise. If you have an account, fill out the Company ID and User credentials provided to you by ConnectWise to manage that account and customer offering.