The following instructions are on how to configure a new customer account with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM service. We recommend using the Mozilla Firefox browser for best performance.

1. Access the Partner Control Panel and login with your administrative credentials. Example:

2. Within the Partner Account Panel, select the Create New Customer link under My Customers.

3. The Create New Customer panel will generate and contain three tabs. Under the Step 1 tab, fill in the required information to create the customer account.

Primary Domain: The registered domain of the customer.
Password: The customer admin password. A phonetic password can be generated by selecting the Generate Password symbol.
Retype Password: Confirm your password.
Contact Email: Contact Email of the customer account contact.
Initial Services: For this article, we are using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM service.

4. Upon selecting the Microsoft Dynamics CRM service, you will now have the opportunity to customize the CRM Organization Name, CRM Plan, Currency and Language.

CRM Organization Name: By default the organization name is set to "yourdomaincom" You can customize the name to best fit your customer's needs.
CRM Plan: The CRM Plan is the current quota size the CRM service will be provisioned with. You can choose the standard 5GB package or the 30GB package.
Currency: This is the standard currency CRM will use. You can choose from US Dollar, Euro or the British Pound.
Language: We now offer 5 different language packages for your service. Simply choose the one that best fits your customer organization. Select Next when completed.

5. Under the Step 2 tab, you can now enter the customer contact information. This information is optional and can be added after the customer has been created. Hit Next to continue.

6. Step 3 is a summary of all the customer information you have added up to this point. We recommend validating all information has been entered correctly before selecting Create New Customer.

7. You have now completed the Customer Creation Process.