The following article illustrates how to configure a new customer account, within your partner Control Panel, with Microsoft Exchange services. Each Customer account will not be set with any service and will require them to be enabled after creation.

1. To begin, you will need to access your Partner Control Panel. Using any web browser, navigate to

2. Within the Partner Account Panel, select the Customer List / Editor link under My Customers.

3. Once the customer list has populated with all created customers, highlight the Customer you wish to add Microsoft Exchange services to and click the Login As Customer link.


4. Once you are logged into the Customer Account, click on the Hosted Services link in the left-hand menu.


5. Within the Hosted Service Catalog, click on Microsoft Exchange to expand the service.


6. Enter the number of initial licenses you would like to assign to the account, and select the desired spam filter solution.  Please note that Partner Selection includes any third-party spam filter solutions (e.g. Reflexion, MXLogic, ProofPoint, etc.).  Once selected, please review the New Order information and click Submit Order once correct.


7. Once the license order is submitted, you will be automatically redirected to the User List.  The Exchange service will be enabled for the Customer account and the chosen Spam Filter selection will be applied.  To review the status of your order, click on the Activity Center link in the left-hand menu.


Once the Activity Center displays Success in the Service Status for each of the requested processes, the Exchange service will then be enabled for the account with the chosen spam filter service.  You may now create users and/or enable the Exchange service for users in the Customer account.  Additional Exchange licenses may be allocated in the Hosted Services catalog.