Trying to set up forwarding between two users NOT associated to the same domain? Unable to add them as a contact in your control panel and receiving an error stating that the user currently exists? The following knowledge base article explains the correct process in requesting a cross domain forward be configured for your account and what to know.

What is Cross Domain Forwarding?

Cross Domain Forwarding is an internal function that allows messages sent from one user's mailbox, located in one domain to be forwarded to another user' s mailbox in a different domain. This process cannot be completed within the Administrative Control Panel as creating a contact will fail stating the contact Display Name and E-mail Address are currently in use. 

If you require Cross Domain Forwarding enabled for a user, than a Support Ticket must be created to our technical Support Staff at Each request will require the following information to be forwarded to our Engineering team for completion:

- Account ID
User email address being forwarded and the email address it is being forwarded to. Note: Cross Domain Forwarding will require the email address of both users within our system. If you are attempting to enable forwarding to an out of network contact, then you will need to create a contact first. 

- If you require a 'Copy to be left in the mailbox'.

Once that information has been received, the request will be sent to our development staff for completion.

Additional Considerations

- When Cross Domain Forwarding has been completed, you will not see these changes reflected in the Administrative Control Panel.

- The Admin Control Panel will automatically display the top user in your available contacts list. This in no way means the email is being forwarded to this user. 

- To permanently disable the cross domain forwarding, simply toggle the mail forwarding to off. this will discontinue the changes made in the ticket request. 

- All requests will need a separate ticket to our technical Support Staff.