This article illustrates how to enable the Microsoft Dynamics CRM service for a user. CRM users are not billable, meaning there is no cost when adding a user to the service. In order to enable Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a user, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM service must be enabled for the account.

1. Log into the Administrative Control Panel at

2. Under My Current Services, select Microsoft Exchange.

3. From the Service Management column, Click on Mailboxes.

4. From the Mailbox List, select the mailbox you wish to edit then click the "Edit Mailbox" link at the top of the column.

5. Under the User Management column select User Details.

6.  Under the Service Access Section, enable the Microsoft CRM service by placing the slider in the "On" position.  This will enable the user with the minimum requirements for logging into Microsoft CRM.

7. Select Submit Changes when completed.

Note: If CRM is no longer needed. Disabling users from this service WILL NOT remove the monthly cost of the service and will continue to show as active on the monthly billing statement. You will need to open a ticket to remove the overall service.