This article will assist the user in configuring an iPhone with your Zimbra mailbox. 

IMPORTANT: Back up any Contacts for Calendars before configuring the account as all prior local calendars and contacts will be overridden.


1. On the iPhone select the Settings > Mail, Contacts, and Calendars 

Exchange Account.PNG



2. Configure with the settings below.


Email: Your email address

Domain: *Leave blank

Username: Your email address

Password: Zimbra password






3. Select Next




4. You will receive an error message stating "Unable to Verify Certificate," Simply select Accept and go to the next screen.




5. For the Server field put in and then select Next. 




6. From here you are able to select the services you would like synced from the Zimbra mailbox. 

Note: Back up 'any' Contacts or Calendars
 before configuring the account as all prior local Contacts and Calendars will be overridden.