This article will assist the user in exporting the contents of an Exchange mailbox.

1. In Outlook 2011, select File > Export. 

2. Within the export window, Select  either "Contacts to a List or "Outlook for Mac data file(.olm.)". For a standard  export choose "Outlook for Mac data file(.olm.)".

3. Select what data you wish to export. If the option "Items that are in a category" is selected, you can chose only the items within the chosen category for export. Selecting "Items of the following types", will export all items that have been selected. Click the right arrow to proceed.

4.  The Delete after Exporting option will remove all exported data that was selected in the previous window. Please Note: We strongly recommend selecting "No, do not delete items". Click the right arrow to continue.

5.  Choose the name and file location you wish to save your exported .OLM file and click save.