This article will guide the user in configuring an Exchange 2013 POP3 connection using Outlook 2011 for Macintosh.

1. Open Outlook 2011 for Mac

2. Click on E-Mail Account.



3. In the E-Mail and Password fields, type in your Full E-Mail Address and mailbox password.





4. Click Add Account.


5. The Account should now be configured automatically. 



If the account does not configure automatically, please use the following configuration:

1. Under Configure Automatically, Please fill in the following information:



User Name: Your Full E-Mail address.
Type: POP
Incoming Server: Place a check in the box next to Use TLS/SSL to connect (Recommended) The port will default to 110.

Outgoing Server: Select  TLS/SSL to connect (recommended). This port will need to be set to 587.


2. Select Add Account.

3. Once the account has been created, type in your Account Description. (optional)

4 Select More Options.

5. Choose Use incoming Server info in the Authentication drop down the select OK.