Are you trying to open your calendar, mail, etc in a separate window in Outlook for Mac 2011? Follow the steps below to do so:

In many MAC programs, you can right-click anywhere to open a new window. But in Outlook 2011 for Macintosh, if you right-click on Calendar, Tasks, etc. while viewing Mail, nothing happens. No visible option appears to open your Calendar in a new window. Here is an easy workaround:

While viewing Mail, instead of right-clicking on Calendar, right-click on any other mail folder. Outlook will give you a contextual menu, including 'Open In A New Window', which allows you to open that mail folder in a new window. At that point, you may click on whatever you were looking to have open in a new window. This applies to Calendar, Tasks, Notes, Contacts, or other folders. 

You are only able to use 'Open In A New Window' on other mail folders. However, once a second window is opened, you are able to navigate anywhere you choose.