It is possible to create a signature that will be viewable at the end of each message you have composed. the following article will show you how to create a signature and offer additional information to customize it using Microsoft Word 2011.

How to create a standard E-mail Signature:

1. Using the top navigation bar, select Outlook then Preferences.

2.  Once the preferences window appears, Select Signatures, located in the E-mail section.

3.  To create a signature, Select the "+" symbol on the lower left of the window.

4.  A new Untitled signature will be created. to re name it simply double click the highlighted entree.

5. Under Signature, type in the plan text you wish to see.

Keep in mind that the formatting choices offered in the above window are very limited. If you wish to change the formatting of the defaulted text, you can do so by selecting Format from your Navigation bar. With your Signature selected, you can change the following features:

  • Font - There are only a few of listed fonts by default. If you wish to use a different non listed font, Select Choose.
  • Style - This allows you to set the font as Bold Or Italic.
  • Size - This is the Size the font will be displayed as.
  • Color - This will add a color to your selected font.
  • Alignment - Select where you would like your text to be aligned to.
  • Hyperlink - This will enable any text to a web site URL. (Example: You can Type "My Website", highlight the text and select Hyperlink. You will then be prompted to type in the web address you wish to link the text to).

You may also create your signature as an image using Microsoft Word 2011. For additional information on how to create a basic signature, using Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac, please review the following link: How To Create Signatures As An Image