The eSureIT application is the tool that copies your backed up files and folders to the Cloud servers.  It used for managing the files to be backed up, setting the backup schedule, and performing restores of backed-up files.  To download and install the eSureIT software to your computer, please refer to the following instructions.

  1. Log into the Intronis dashboard at

  2. Under the Accounts/Computers tab, click on the computer on which you will be installing the client.

  3. Under the Computers tab, click the computer.

  4. Click the Settings tab.

  5. Click the Create Installer button.

  6. A link will be generated to your Installer. Open the link in your browser to start the download. You can also send this link in an Email using the download prompt.

  7. Once the Installer has downloaded, open it and follow the installation wizard to complete the backup software setup.

  8. On your computer, launch the eSureIT Monitor (Start > Programs > Intronis Technologies > eSureIT > eSureIT Monitor).

  9. If prompted, enter the username and password provided during the Create Computer setup in the Control Panel

  10. Select the option of setting up the main computer or an additional computer for the account.

  11. Click the Validate button.

  12. Select which Encryption Key you would like to use. Please note if "Create Your Own Key" is selected, you will need to keep a copy of the key or your backed-up data will not be recoverable. Support is unable to assist with restoration from accounts with a private (own) key.

  13. Click the Test button to test the connection to the server.

  14. Click Next.

  15. Customize the Basic backup settings as needed.

  16. Click Next.

The Backup Software configuration is now complete. You may now select the files and folders that you would like to backup, as well as the schedule and sets for those backups.