Any files that were previously backed up but have been removed from a backup set or deleted locally are flagged on our servers as stray files. These files are kept just in case a client has mistakenly excluded or deleted them but still wants to restore them. These files can be deleted from the servers via the steps in this article. Please be warned that you may not want to perform a stray file delete if you think it has been accidentally deleted. Stray files that have been deleted cannot be recovered.

To delete stray files:

  1. Log into the Intronis Web Portal at

  2. Click on the Manage tab.

  3. Click on the computer containing the backup set.

  4. Click the Delete tab.

  5. Click Delete data.

  6. In the Delete wizard, choose the filter.

    - Files and Folders, Backup Sets, Daily Snapshots, and Stray Files are all for flat file data.

  7. Select the specific data to be deleted in the successive panes.

  8. Once you've made your selection, click Next to be taken to an overview page of how many files and how much data your selection will remove.

  9. Click the Delete button.