This article details the recommended procedures for restoring data from a Backup Set depending upon the status of the destination computer.

Situation 1: Your computer is still intact and connected to the Internet

  1. Log into the Intronis web portal at

  2. Under the Accounts/Computers tab, click on the Backup Account containing the computer.

  3. Under the Computers tab, click on the Computer to be restored.

  4. Click on the Restore tab.

  5. Click Start a Restore.

  6. Select the File(s) or Folder(s) requiring restoration

    - If you need a specific revision, make sure you select the appropriate date by expanding that file in the wizard with the + sign, or using the Daily Snapshots section.

  7. Click Next

  8. Select whether to have the file restored to the location it was backed up from (Original Path), or to put it in a different folder (Alternate Path).

  9. Click the Restore button to initiate the restore process.

Situation 2: Your computer is no longer functional and you need to restore the data to a new machine

  1. Download the desktop software on the new machine, and run the installer as you would with a new installation.

  2. At the setup screen, enter in the same username, password, and computer ID that were used on the old machine.

  3. Test the connection and enter the encryption key if necessary.

  4. Select the option to “Move Account to this Computer” and allow it to download the catalog file from our servers.

  5. Now that your software is setup on the appropriate computer, you can follow the steps from Situation 1 to complete your restore.

  6. Once Restores are complete, make sure to update the backup sets to take into account any changes to the folder structure on the new machine.

Situation 3: The data needs to be restored to a separate machine that will not be running any backups

  1. Follow steps 1 through 3 from Situation 2.

  2. However on Step 4, do not select “Move Account to this Computer.”  Instead, choose the option titled “Recovery Mode Installation.”

  3. Proceed to restore data through the Restore wizard in the portal, making sure to choose the correct installation when prompted.