The eSureIT software provides the ability to exclude selected files and folders from all Backup Sets. This will override all of your Backup Sets and will not backup certain files and/or folders. Follow the steps below to exclude a particular file from being backed up:

  1. Open the eSureIT Monitor (typically located at Start > All Programs > Intronis Technologies > eSureIT > eSure IT Monitor).

  2. Select Preferences.

  3. Click File Systems Settings.

  4. Click File and Folder Exclusions.

  5. Select the files to exclude by typing in a wildcard or select one of the listed wildcards. (Ex: *.exe or *.jpg). Wildcards must contain a * (asterisk).

  6. Click Test File if you would like to test the file(s) you selected to ensure they will be excluded. A window will open. Select the file that should be tested in the window and click Open.

  7. Click OK.