A backup set will designate the data to be backed up to your cloud account along with the schedule of when the backups will be run. This article provides the steps to create a new Backup Set on your computer.


  1. Launch the eSureIT Monitor on your workstation.

  2. Click on the Backup Sets button

  3. Click Choose Files and Folders By Location

  4. Select the files to be backed up

  5. Click Next

  6. Select the Days and Times for the backup to run.

    - Backup sessions can be allowed to finish, or set to Cancel at a specified time. Allowing a backup to fully finish is recommended
    - Custom backup schedules, including multiple runs per day, can be created under the Advanced tab

  7. Click Next

  8. Enter the name of the Backup Set, and click Apply.

  9. (Optional): Configure any customer Settings, Rules, or Actions as needed.

  10. Click Finish to create the Backup Set

You will be prompted with the option to run your new Backup Set immediately. The Backup Set can also be manually run at any time by selecting it in the My Backup Sets window and clicking the Run button.