Your encryption key is the key to restoring your data. When you backup using Backup Agent, your data is encrypted using AES 256 bit military level encryption before it is sent to our servers for storage. Your encryption key is what allows you to decrypt the data when performing restores and makes your data readable on your computer. The key is 48 characters in length and can be chosen as either a private key or managed key.

A private key is completely user defined, meaning you decide exactly what 48 characters comprise your encryption key. Since you define what the key is with a private key, you are responsible for keeping that key in a safe location which you access in the event your computer crashes. Unfortunately if you do not have your private key when you need to restore files, you will be unable to restore them.

A managed key is an encryption key tied to your username and password, and is generated by Intronis. You don't need to keep a copy of your managed key or even to remember it. The Intronis system remembers it for you.

If you have one type of encryption and would like to switch to another, Intronis would need to perform a full account reset from our side. This reset purges the data for an account from our side and resets the account as if you had never backed up with us, allowing you to pick the type of encryption key you would like when you reinstall the software.

If you chose not to use a managed key or have upgraded from an earlier version of Backup Agent, it is necessary to export and save your encryption key in a safe place. This encryption key will be needed in the case you need to restore your data.

1. Open the Backup Agent Monitor by selecting Start->All Programs->Intronis Technologies->Backup Agent Monitor. You can also double click on the status icon in the System Tray.
2. Select 'Preferences'
3. In the General Settings expand the 'Encryption Key' section.
4. Click Save and save it to the desired location such as a USB Thumb Drive.
5. If you wish to print out the key you can choose Print.

Special Notes:

Please preserve the encryption key in a safe place that you can access in the event of any damage to your computer backing up with us or any environmental disaster that may happen to your home or office.

If you lose your private encryption key, we will be unable to recover your data because it is encrypted on our servers.

And remember, when you choose the private key option, each account gets its own private key. Do not assume the same key applies to all accounts.