As an alternative to the Octopus Authenticator app, a FIDO token key can be used to authenticate logins through SDO.  This article provides the steps for enrolling a FIDO token for an SDO user.

Generating the Enrollment Link

These steps should be taken by an administrator in the Control Panel to generate and send the FIDO Token enrollment link to the end user.

  1. Log into Control Panel at with an Administrator user.

  2. Click on My Services in the left-hand menu..

  3. Click the Secret Double Octopus vendor band to expand it.

  4. Under User Licenses, click the Resend button for the user you would like to enroll.

  5. Click FIDO Token Invite.

  6. The user will receive an email in their mailbox the FIDO Token Enrollment link.

Enrolling the FIDO Token

These steps are to be taken by the end user to enroll their FIDO token.

  1. Insert the FIDO Token into a USB port in your workstation.

  2. Click the Enrollment link in the email that was generated from the Control Panel

  3. Click the Register button.

  4. If you are using a Windows 10 system with a PIN, Fingerprint, or Facial Recognition login enabled, Windows will attempt to set up your FIDO Token to work with Windows Hello.  We recommend clicking the Cancel button on this screen to bypass this setup.

  5. Click the OK button to continue with enrolling your FIDO Token with SDO.

  6. Click the OK button to allow the SDO service to view and register the make and model of your FIDO token.

  7. If this is a new FIDO Token that has not been registered for any other service, you will be prompted to create a new security PIN.  Enter and confirm a new PIN, and click the OK button. If this FIDO Token has already been enrolled, you will instead be prompted for the PIN previously entered during that enrollment process.

  8. Touch the sensor on the USB FIDO Token to continue.

  9. The FIDO token is now enrolled and can be used to authenticate any of your SDO-enabled services.


Logging in with a FIDO Token

  1. To log in using your FIDO token, select the FIDO Authenticator option from the Authentication Type drop-down menu in the SDO login screen.

  2. Enter the security PIN you set when first enrolling the FIDO Token.

  3. Touch the sensor on your USB Fido Token to continue.