When setting up a new user in the Control Panel, you may need to set an initial password for them so they may immediately begin authenticating enabled services through SDO.  This article provides the steps needed to set that password.

  1. Log into the Control Panel as an administrator for the customer account.

  2. Click on My Services in the left-hand menu.
  3. Click on the Secret Double Octopus vendor band to expand it. 
  4. Click on the User Licenses tab.
  5. Click on the Set Password button for the desired user.
  6. Enter a preferred password in the "Defined Passsword" field.  You can also click the "Auto Generate" button to automatically generate a random password.
  7. Click the Confirm button to save the new password.

Please note that the password set here will be automatically reset with a randomly generated password when the user successfully authenticates in any service with the SDO Authenticator app.