WebTitan allows you to monitor, control, and protect your organization and users from online threats.

This article will show you step by step on how to install WebTitan's On The Go (OTG) client on an end user's machine.  The OTG client is designed for laptop computers that may use a variety of different connection types, such as an office or store Wi-Fi, a cellular hotspot, a hotel broadband service, or any other method of accessing the Internet.

  1. Click here to download the Mac OTG install file (otg_setup.pkg). The current version of OTG for Mac is 1.2.

  2. Press and hold Command-Spacebar to open Spotlight. Search for Terminal and press Return.

  3. Run the Command cd downloads to navigate to the Downloads folder.

  4. Run the command sudo installer -pkg otg_setup.pkg -target /.

  5. Now you should see the TitanHQ logo in your menu bar, but we still need to connect the client to WebTitan

  6. Copy the command below and enter it in the terminal window.  Replace the "myemail@mycompany.com" text with your email address and the "mypassword" text with your email password.  Press the Enter key to run the script.
    sudo /Applications/WebTitanCloud.app/Contents/MacOS/WebTitanCloud WTC_SERVER_URL=https://cloudplusservice.webtitancloud.com:8443/ DNS_RESOLVER= CUSTOMER_EMAIL=myemail@mycompany.com CUSTOMER_PASSWORD=mypassword
  7. When the script has run, OTG will produce output in the terminal window. If the configuration is successful, WebTitan Cloud OTG has been configured will display. An error message will be displayed if there is a problem with the parameters.

  8. The OTG client has now been installed, and all traffic will pass through the WebTitan DNS filter.

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