The following article provides illustrated steps on how to configure the Mac Mail application to a Microsoft hosted exchange mailbox.

1. You will need to open the Mac Mail Application. If it is not located within your Doc, you can access it using the Mac Finder:

  • Open a new Finder window
  • Go to your home directory using the Home toolbar button or select Go | Home from the main menu
  • Open the Library/Mail/Mailboxes directory

2. Once the iMail application is open the account setup wizard should begin and you will need only the user's primary email address and password. If it does not begin, you will need to select Mail then Preferences from Mac Mail's tool bar.

3. The General Preference window will appear. The following default settings are illustrated. Select Accounts to continue.


4. To begin creating an account, you will need to Select the "+" beneath the listed accounts window. When prompted on which type of account is to be created, select Exchange before you Continue.

5. Complete the Account setup by filling in each field with the proper information. Hit continue when you are complete.

6. When the account is successfully created, Mac Mail will ask which apps you would it to manage with your account. I recommend selecting each application to be synchronized. Hitting Done completes the setup.