The following article contains valuable installation steps for the SpamTitan Outlook Add-in. The Add-in is designed to allow an Outlook user to set an already received message to their personal white-listing, blacklisting and even request a quarantine report.

Download and Installation steps

1. Download the SpanTitanAddin v3.2.0.msi file attached to this article. (The attachment is located at the bottom of this article) it will automatically download to your local station or accessing computer. Navigate to your download location and Double-click the file to begin the installation process.

SpamTitan Outlook Add-in 3.2.0

2. When the SpamTitan Outlook Add-in wizard appears, choose next to start the installation process.

3. Continue by agreeing to the SpamTitan License Agreement and choose next. 

4. When you reach the Spamtitan Configuration Page, you will need to enter the default address URL to properly configure the add-in. The default URL is using port 443. once you have entered this information, choose Next.

Please Note: That during the configuration process, the port number must be entered in correctly as the Add-in will fail to save the settings once the instalation is complete.

5. Chose the installation destination or choose next to install the software add-in into your default location. Click next to continue then Next again to complete the installation process.

6. Close Outlook (if it is running).  Re-open Outlook after it has closed completely.

7. On first launch of Outlook after the SpamTitan add-in has been installed, it should automatically provide a window prompting for the SpamTitan login.

8. Enter the email address and password for the user's mailbox.  The "Other Settings" can be optionally enabled depending on your preferences.  Click Save to complete the setup.

Problems installing the Outlook Addin? 

On occasion there can be issues installing the Outlook Add-in. The most common is if Windows Defender prevents the installation of the Add-in stating it was unrecognized. To begin the installation, you will need to click More Info and choose the option Run Anyway.

Additional symptoms may include:

- The installation process successfully completing.

- The add-in is listed correctly in the list of Installed Programs but is not visible within Outlook.

- The add-in does not appear in Outlook and is show as an inactive Add-in.

Attached to the bottom of this ticket is a fix, st.reg, to address the symptoms outlined above. The st.reg registry fix can be installed simply by Downloading it directly to your computer and double clicking on it. You will need to restart Outlook for the changes to take affect.