Exporting from Roaring Penguin

1. Log into Roaring Penguin at https://antispam.roaringpenguin.com using your mailbox credentials

Please note: If you wish to export the rules for the entire customer, you will need to log in using the admin@ credentials

2. Navigate to "Preferences" in the top row of tabs, then to "Export Rules"

3.  Choose "Sender Rules" from the check-boxes

4. Choose the format which you would like the data to be presented in

The export tool through Roaring Penguin produces a .csv or a plain text document containing several pieces of information about the configured rule/s. On the SpamTitan side, the import tool requires only a plain text document with a list of email addresses or domains. This means there will be some formatting necessary before uploading the file into SpamTitan.

Importing to SpamTitan

1. Log into SpamTitan at https://spamtitan1.cloudplusservice.com/

2. If you have administrative rights, you may be asked to select the access level. If you wish to apply whitelists/blacklists to the entire domain, choose the admin level, otherwise, proceed to the user-level to create a rule which will only apply to that user

3. Navigate to the "Filter Rules" tab and choose whether you wish to add a Blacklist or Whitelist rule

4. Select the "Import" option, and select the .txt file you have prepared (more information on that below)

5. If the formatting is correct, the rules will be added, and visible in the portal

The format for the .txt file is very simply one email address or domain per line, and any domain names must be preceded with an @. See example below.