This article explains the steps and information needed to set up a custom URL for your Control Panel interface and secure that URL with an SSL certificate.

1. Log into your Control Panel, at, with your administrative credentials.

2. Click on The Catalog in the left-hand menu.

3. Click the <Company Name> Support item in the Catalog to expand and display the available packages.

4. Click the selection switch for the Custom Control Panel URL product to turn it on.

5. Fill in the Custom URL Request form. Click Save when finished.

The information from this form will be used to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) specific to your site. As each CSR is custom generated by our Engineering team, turnaround time for the initial CSR generation may be 24-48 hours during weekdays.

6. The CSR will be created and sent back to you via a ticket reply. The provided CSR will be used for the purchase of the certificate from an approved certificate authority.

7. Purchase your SSL Certificate at Go Daddy or Thawte with the provided CSR. Both sites will provide the opportunity to enter the CSR during the purchase of your SSL certificate.  If you need help, please contact us!

8. When the purchase is complete, download the certificate and any associated certificate files.

IMPORTANT: In order to ensure compatibility, when downloading the certificate select the .pem format or, if the pem format is not available, look for the option titled “Other”. If the certificate is not in the proper format it cannot be processed by our systems.

9. Send the purchased certificate to us either: 

  1. Through a support ticket; or  
  2. At the web form:

10. The new certificate will be installed on our highly secure network load balancers, housed in our world class data centers.

11. An IP address will be configured for your secured control panel site. The IP address of the site will be provided in a ticket response.

12. When the IP address is received, an A record with the URL and the provided IP address will need to be added to your domain's DNS hosting provider. Please note that DNS records can take 24 to 48 hours to update across the globe.

Once the process has completed and the new A record has propagated, your customers and/or users will now be able to access your Control Panel using your custom URL.