If you would like an export of your mailbox to a PST file for archival purposes and are unable to export the mailbox from an Outlook client, we offer an add-on Export to PST service that can provide the file to you.  This file is generated by our Engineering team and is a complete export of all of the contents of the mailbox at the time of the export.

Please note that the Export to PST service is a billable per-request add-on service.  Please contact the support team for current service pricing.

In order to download your export, you will need to use an SFTP client. You can find plenty of free clients on the web. We recommend the following SFTP client: http://winscp.net/eng/docs/free_sftp_client_for_windows


After your selected client has been downloaded, please follow the below steps to complete the file transfer:

1. After you have downloaded your client, please open it.

2. Select “File protocol:” SFTP

3. In the “Host name:” please enter the IP address

4. Then enter the user name and password provided to you.

Please note the following: Please be cautious to ensure you are entering the correct password. Only three failed login attempts are allowed. If your IP address is blocked, please notify support. This is a security measure put in place to protect your data.