Before a user can begin receiving Email, they will need to be created within the Administrative Control Panel and enabled with Email service. There are three Email Account types a user can be configured with POP3, Web and Full Exchange service. The following Article contains instructions on how to configure these Email Account types.

1. Log into the Administrative Control Panel at

2. Navigate to the My Users section and choose User List. Located within the Left Menu Column.

3. The center frame will populate with your entire mailbox list. At the top, choose Create New User.

- Tab Step 1: Fill in the the required fields 
Display Name,  Login, Password, and Re-Type Password.

This section also contains an additional option, allowing the newly created user Admin privileges. Standard users will have no access to the control panel beyond there own personal information where as Administrators will have full access to all features. Additionally, you can now allow the contorl panel to generate a new phonetic style password.

4. Click on the Create User and Assign Services button at the bottom of the page.

5. Click the Microsoft Exchange tab.

6. Enable the Microsoft Exchange Service by toggling the slider to the ON position.

You can now select the Mailbox type. Each Mailbox Type can easily be picked by selecting the drop down menu. The default Quota limit will be selected automatically based on each access type.

- POP3 Access.
This is the most basic of mailbox types that will allow the user to only pull there emails to any configured email program. IMAP allows for the synchronization of folders and sub folders while keeping email data on the server and not just to a local configured email program.

- Web Access
. This mailbox type contains standard POP and IMAP account configuration options as well as allowing the user to access their mailbox via a web browser.

- Full Access. This is the Microsoft Exchange Full Access mailbox. The user will have access to their data in real time via a full exchange connection or via the web. With Outlook anywhere they can configure any Email program as long a there is internet access as well as configure any ActiveSync using mobile device.