The following article illustrates how to configure a new customer account, within your partner Control Panel, with the SmarterMail services. Each customer account will not be set with any service automatically, and will require them to be enabled after creation.

1. To begin, you will need to access your Partner Control Panel. Using any web browser, navigate to

2. Within the Partner Account Panel, select the Customer List / Editor link under My Customers.

3. Once the customer list has populated with all created customers, highlight the Customer you wish to add Microsoft Exchange services to and click the Edit Customer link.

4. Under the Edit Customer section, you will see several service tabs to choose from. Select the SmarterMail tab. Before you can enable the service, you will need to add in the Display Name, Logon Primary Address Name and Password. Select Activate Smarter Mail button to provision this service.

Note: SmarterMail uses a separate Password Policy when creating new customer accounts. You will find their requirements in the link below.

SmarterMail Password Policy

5. You can now begin creating your SmarterMail Users within the control panel. Each user can log into SmarterMail at SmarterMail.