Have you recently changed your primary address to an alias? Are you experiencing trouble running the New Profile Connector Tool? Receiving the error "the address cannot be matched to a name in the address book"? This article will illustrate how to set up the New Profile Connector Tool successfully.

1. To set up Outlook 2010 with Full Access (using RPC over HTTPS), the first thing you need to do is to execute the New Profile Connector tool. Which you can find attached to the bottom of this article.

2. Click the NPCT_Outlook_2010 zipped file.

3. A dialog box will appear for the zipped file chosen, select Download.

4. Select Open.

5. Double Click on the rpcsetup_Outlook2010 file (icon).

6. A File Download - Security Warning will pop up, select Open.

7. Select Yes as shown in the example below.

8. Enter the same username (email address) and password that you use to log into OWA. DO NOT MISSPELL IT!

9. You receive a prompt, The name cannot be matched to a name in the address list, select OK.

10. The Microsoft pop-up window will appear. Under General, Microsoft Exchange Server will have the server information that you are currently on. Leave UNALTERED.


11. Remove the @domain.com leaving the first part of the address (user alias). Select Check Name. If that doesn't work, enter the Display name only (i.e. John Smith), select Check Name, then click OK.

12. The display name should appear underlined. Select OK.

13. Outlook should prompt "Preparing Outlook for first use".