Before someone can access a service, a Full Access mailbox will first need to be created for them. A Full Access Lite mailbox, for Exchange 2010 users only, contains a quota size of 10 GB by default. Using the Upcoming Control panel, follow the instructions  to create a Full Access lite Account.

1. Log into the Administrative Control Panel at

2. Within the My Users panel, click the Create New User link.

3.  Under the User Settings Step 1 Column, Type in the user's unique Principle name, Domain name and Password.

Note:  The Principal Name and the domain you select, from the drop down menu, will be considered the primary alias and the log in user name. The primary alias can be changed later but the log in name will "always" remain the same as initially created.

4. Next slide the Microsoft Exchange Service bar to the On position. This will allow you to set the proper Exchange service. 

5. Under the Mailbox Type, Change the Mailbox Access to Full Access-light. This will automatically update the mailbox quota.

6. Complete the User Mailbox Creation by adding in the User Details. This step is considered optional and can be added after mailbox creation. 

7. Select Create New user once completed.