This article explains how to suspend a customer account via the Partner Control Panel.

Account Suspensions

Suspending individual customer accounts can be completed from your Partner Control Panel, with the slide of a button.

1. From the ‘My Customers’ section located on the left side of the panel, select Customer List/Editor

2. Select which customer you wish to suspend and click 'Edit Customer' located at the top of the control panel. 

3. Under the 'General' tab, the option to 'Suspend Customer' is located on the right side of the panel. Click the dial from 'Off' to 'On'

4. Click 'Suspend Account' to proceed with the suspension, or ‘Cancel’ if you decide otherwise. The control panel will provide confirmation that the account has been suspended. Please allow the suspension window to close automatically. Closing the window via the X may interrupt the suspension process. 

5. The Suspension Status slider will remain in the ‘ON’ position, as long as the customer account is suspended.

Note: Services enabled in the Customer Control Panel for suspended accounts, are still billable. Such services are not billable once the services are removed from the customer account.