This article will show you how to update your customer account details from within your partner view.

1. To view a customer account details, you will first need to select Customer List / Editor under the My Customers section.

2. Choose the desired customer and click the Edit Customer link at the top of the customer list.

3. There are several tabs, which contain editable content, depending on the enabled services for the customer account. 

   - General: The General Tab contains all of the contact informatation for your customer.

   - Microsoft Exchange: This tab informs you if hosted Microsoft Exchange services are enabled for the customer. Additionally, all configured domains, domain aliases and split domains will be visible under the Exchange Settings panel.

   - Microsoft SharePoint: If your customer has this service enabled, you will have the ability to create a new site for your customer account as well as displaying the current URL for their SharePoint site collection.

   - Microsoft CRM: This tab will display if the Microsoft CRM service is enable.

    - Service Catalog: This new feature allows you to grant your customer the ability to Enable / Disable any services listed within the customer's service catalog.  

4. For each edit made, we recommend selecting 'Save Changes' before moving to a new tab or leaving the Customer Edit section.