This article will illustrates how to change the mailbox quota of a mailbox using Exchange Services. Here are a few things you should know before continuing.

**Please Note: Depending on the access type of that mailbox, quota additions WILL be billable to your account. Once the changes are submitted, it will take up to two hours for the mailbox to increase or decrease its quota.

1. Log into the Administrative Control Panel at

2. Under My Current Services, select Microsoft Exchange.

3. From the Service Management column, Click on Mailboxes.

4. From the Mailbox List, select the mailbox you wish to edit then click the Edit Mailbox link form the top of the column.

5. Under the Mailbox Access Station, choose the desired mailbox Size by choosing it from the drop down menu.

6. Choose Submit Changes when finished. Please allow up to 2 Hours for this service to complete.