This article explains how to import data into your CRM

1. In the Workplace area, click Imports, then click the Import Data button on the Imports tab of the ribbon. The Import Data Wizard pops up.

2. Click Browse, then select the data you want to import.

3. Click Next to select the file as the data source for your import.

4. On the Review File Upload Summary page, click Next to select the data map for your import.

5. In the System Data Maps list, select Default (Automatic Mapping).

6. Click Next to proceed to the next step of the Import Data Wizard.

7. On the Map Records Types page, in the Source Fields column, select Last in the Required Fields list. This will map the last column of the source file to the required Last Name field in CRM.

8. Map the additional fields to match the following:

 City - Address 1: City

 E-mail - E-Mail

 First - First Name

 State - Address 1: State/Province

 Street - Address 1: Street 1

 Type of Address - Address 1: Address Type (Option Set)

 Work Num - Business Phone

 Zip - Address 1: Zip/Postal Code

9. Click Next to go to the next page. On the Review Mapping Summary page, click Next.

10. On the Review Settings and Import Data page, select Yes in the Allow Duplicates area.

11. In the Select Owner For Imported Records area, leave the default selection. 

12. Click Submit.